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Night of Worship and Ministry – Celebrate God-given creativity with a simple night of worship and ministry to the Lord and one another. A Night of Worship and Ministry is an open night of expressing all forms of worship, including music, dance, visual art, and writing. All worshipers can bring their toolbox, and create worship with us! To Book an Event with your group contact us here.

Catharsis Creative Worship Conferences – Get your community together for a weekend of creative worship, and equipping for artists of all types! At our Catharsis Worship Conference, musicians, visual artists, dancers, writers, and others with a heart for worship will connect with like-minded brothers and sisters, add to their artistic toolbox, and dive deeper into understanding their artistic identity. You were created to create, and your creativity was designed to co-create with the Holy Spirit! Join us for a packed weekend of flowing in creativity in the way we were designed! To Book an event with your group contact us here. 

Prophetic Intensives & Workshops  – This is an intensive seminar focused on worshipping through a specific format. Attendees will sharpen their craft and form relationships with mentors and like-minded students in their field of expertise. They will develop and deepen their prophetic gifting through artistic expression, and learn techniques and tips from other artisans. Join us for a focused time of worship and skill-building!
Currently, we offer intensives in Visual Art, Songwriting, Keyboards, Guitar, Vocals, Music Theory, Children’s creativity and worship.

To Book an Event with your group contact us here.

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Austin Biel is a contender for the Holy Spirit Creative Renaissance, a worship artist, multi-instrumentalist, speaker/teacher, mentor, and record producer, based in the Austin, Texas area. In ministry and music since 1989, Austin has traveled the world speaking, teaching, and leading worship around the world. His adventures include guest teaching at churches, Christian universities, YWAM DTS’s and Bethel SSM’s all over the world, coteaching with Leonard Jones the Levite Praise Institute in Germany, preaching the message of creativity with the Holy Spirit across the globe. His service to ministries include 10-years with Benny Hinn Ministries, staff positions at Lakewood Church, Second Baptist Church Houston and consulting/serving with numerous other churches & ministries across denominations.

As a professional musician, he has also played and toured with major jazz/pop artists including Al Jarreau, Yolanda Adams, Regina Belle, and Chris Walker, prophetic worship leaders including Rick Pino, Leonard Jones, Andrew Ehrenzeller, and Jeremy Burk, as well as numerous major gospel artists, including Ron Kenoly, Ingrid Rosario, Donnie McClurkin, Kim Clement, and many others. His producer credits include over 100 projects to date and he trained young producers in the craft with MediaTech Institute for 3 years.

Pursuing the restoration of the Artistic Identity to the Church, and a school for worship and the arts has brought him and his family to the Austin area. The focus of Catharsis Worship School is to raise up creative and spiritual artists, trained to find their ultimate artistic expression in the Spirit, and to walk in artistic and spiritual maturity. Currently, Austin is training people in person and online through one-on-one mentoring, teaching classes, hosting conferences,  as well as traveling to speak/teach at various worship conferences, leading worship with his own band and host bands, and training worship teams. His passion is to ignite a renewal of creativity & arts within the Kingdom, finding our ultimate expression in the Spirit; to raise up an army of prophetic intercessory warrior artists in these end times.



How many radio signals are going through our bodies RIGHT NOW at this moment? GPS satellites are beaming down location signals. Other satellites are beaming television channels or communications. The ISS space station is sending tons of data, and the Hubble telescope and everything else transmitting FROM SPACE. Then, you have every mobile phone that …


Cultural blindness is stunting. It is an art killer, a block to maturity. It is a certain kind of arrogance and it can damage relationships and generations. See below for what I think we can do about it. Consider that I am writing this primarily to people in English-speaking Western societies. You might likely be …

Stop being afraid

Stop being afraid. Stop being afraid of the demons, of the future. Stop being afraid of new things. Stop being afraid to try. That new business, that new riff. Try the new approach or perhaps ruffle some feathers. Be more vulnerable and trust more… then forgive more… Stop being afraid to question the truth you’ve …


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