Destined to Create

Many of us live as though we are created to SURVIVE. Survival is important, and we must learn self-defense skills and the ability to provide for our daily needs. Even a drive to accumulate wealth or power can be a mechanism to ensure survival. And yet, our very bodies are designed to decay and eventually die. All of our bodies will die, at some point.

Another variation of this is living as though we are created to CONSUME. It is easy in the modern world to watch movies, buy clothes, and discuss the latest and greatest of things without ever intentionally pursuing the act of creating something of our own.

Yet, the act of creation, the practice of creativity, gives us a way to express love, a vehicle through which we can worship. The drive to build and produce, a desire to grow and mature are parts of the artistic identity within us. It is WHY we must survive: to take what is inside of us and bring something out of the depth ourselves, up to the surface, and out to the world.

I believe that each of us have been given unique skills, talents, and abilities. We are each of us a genius at SOMETHING. We are ALL artists. The purpose of our unique inner skills, talents and capabilities is so that the output of our lives, our ART, is created with our own distinctive Voice.

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