Lifestyle of Questions


“The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask!”

I have repeated this over and over again to my students. This means there ARE NO stupid questions. It is actually SMART to ask a question. It is an indicator of intelligence and purpose when you ask questions!

In contrast, I will admit that there are SILLY questions, such as my wife asking me, “Do you want a donut?” Of COURSE I want a donut, what a silly question!  

But I digress. Questions are SO important. A question implies desire, a hunger on the part of the questioner. The person receiving the question is then challenged in their assumptions, properly tested on their knowledge in a way that causes the receiver to grow in their own way. The answer hopefully causes the asker to grow in their way, as well.

Artistic maturity CONSCIOUSLY asks questions about everything, and the path of exploring the questions and answers is revealed in one’s art.  It is the artist in us, questing for identity, that interrogates the system, the status quo, looking for answers to the purpose of the thing.

It is Greek tradition that models for us a lecture-and-classroom approach to teaching. But Jesus used question and story as the primary tools to bring forth His Word to the earth. Hebraic models of education imply a teacher who is doing life with his students and answering questions throughout the process of living. In fact, question-asking is very Jewish in Hebraic culture and mindset.

Questions build relationship between two parties, as the heart of both parties are revealed by the question and the answer. It illuminates vulnerability in the person asking and builds trust for the person answering. It is at once a mental and a spiritual transaction, and usually freely received and given.

I would submit that not asking questions could take the form of fear or pride, of stagnation, or even a lack of care and love.

So I encourage you to make asking questions into a lifestyle, a permanent attitude. Ask away! You may not always get an answer, you will never have all the answers, but asking questions will bring new life and growth to you. Be blessed.

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