You be you… With Me.

In the Christian faith, we all start out as children, and without ever losing our child-likeness, we should grow into maturity. We all start as servants, and without ever losing our servanthood heart, we are designed to grow into Sons and Daughters.

In today’s typical corporate worship settings, we see a microcosm of the church (and western society, for that matter) as a whole, specifically the aspect that certain people have the special “gift” and the rest of us are to consume and support them. So, a few artists create, are encouraged to write new songs and are handsomely rewarded for it. Then, the rest of us are strongly encouraged to copy them in order to serve the service.

Unfortunately, this breeds a value towards artistic immaturity and success is equated with one’s skill at imitation, rather than innovation. When the entire culture embraces this, well… most of us see that we can totally worship with modern worship songs in church, but it is, by and large, artistically stale. We are reaping what has been sown.

An aspect of good musicianship in fulfilling a role, is an aspect of servanthood, specifically a tradesman, exercising his skill in service to those in authority. On top of this we should be aiming for MATURE ARTISTRY. This not only finds a way to fully express its voice within the parameters of the service or gig, but also grows as the artist’s Voice develops, into co-creating with the Holy Spirit.

I serve the service and the gig all the time; nothing wrong it and everything right with it. But until a revelation comes to the government of the church of how to father and nurture the artists within her and grow them into maturity, we will mostly be fulfilling the directive “Be like this…” – and not really growing.
I maintain that a higher level of walking with Him is answering His call: “You be you…. with me.” – and growing within it…

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