Words are good for the heart

Words. Words are super important at times, and empty, meaningless distractions at other times. (Ecc 6:11, if you are so inclined…)

Many times a concept comes forth and a “buzzword” results. Everybody’s talking about it, and we all feel a bit hipper because we do.

But today, I realize much of the reason I’m not in the organizational structure of a church or ministry, is that the classic definition of the words “pastor” or even “leader” has never quite gelled with my inner stance. Sometimes, “spiritual father” fits, but not in every situation, for sure.

But lately, this buzzword “influencer” is going around. And that feels right. For the first time, it feels right.

I want to be an influencer. I want to bring good things to others, but I don’t need you to “follow” me; I want you to follow Christ.

I want to help folks see different points of view, help them grow and mature, as I do the same in my own life.

I want to give freedom and permission for folks to take off and fly into the fullness of who they were meant to be; NOT to be like me, but to become the fullness of who THEY are, in Christ.

I’ve been called a Christian leader, a pastor, an apostle, a prophet. Some see me as a mentor or spiritual father, others see me as a jazz piano player or other type of eccentric musician whom they have no use for in their rock ‘n’ roll bands.

But this word influencer? I like it. Not sure if it goes on the business card, but maybe clarifies for me a few things.

It’s a season to discard fear and try new things. It’s time to step forward, knowing that a toe stubbing is possible, but the pain of standing still will be worse. It’s a time to find out WHY you believe what you believe, why those who told you what you believe came by their beliefs, to strengthen your foundation.

It’s the season to ask “Why?” and “What if?”. It’s the season for the artist in each of you to poke it’s head out and ask “how about now? why not now?”…… “so, now?”….

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