How many radio signals are going through our bodies RIGHT NOW at this moment?

GPS satellites are beaming down location signals. Other satellites are beaming television channels or communications. The ISS space station is sending tons of data, and the Hubble telescope and everything else transmitting FROM SPACE. Then, you have every mobile phone that is talking to the nearby cellular towers and those signals are going through our bodies. Add to that every WiFi device in range is sending its signals through your body to the router. Then you have handheld radios (CB/walkie talkies, etc.) Bluetooth signals, terrestrial radio stations beaming music, news, talk, etc. How about radar signals? The weather service and the TV stations are beaming weather radar, the airports and the military are beaming location radars… and on and on.

So RIGHT NOW AT THIS INSTANT, there are just tons of radio signals not just around us BUT GOING THROUGH US. In and out of our bodies and not only do we not perceive it, but we rarely even think about it.

God speaks to us all the time, every moment. Sometimes we pay attention.

God speaks to us through everything we perceive. Sometimes we get it.

God is speaking to us at all times on a spiritual frequency that we can tune in on.

PLUS, God is speaking at all times on an infinite number of other frequencies that we cannot perceive.

With me so far?

So if this is true, then we must be careful not to quickly discard something as not of God or not good simply because it is not on the frequency we have, or we aren’t versatile or mature enough in our perception of God to see Him in it. Spiritual maturity begins to see God in EVERYTHING.

Therefore, I would submit that perhaps in my circle of charismatic or “Spirit-filled” believers (this term Spirit-filled can be a bit offensive to other believers, if you think about it), we use this word ‘anointing’ quite a bit, and it might be producing an unhealthy attitude without us intending to or even realizing.

Consider that we might say “that service was so anointed”, or “the worship today was so anointed.” What we are really doing is applying a word that seems spiritual instead of just expressing our preference – or more specifically, the frequency we are tuning into. But this use of the word has a subtle but devastating backlash; now some things are ‘anointed’ and thus other things are not.

Consider the ‘anointed’ preacher to the ‘anointed’ teaching – what we are trying to say is that these things struck us, impacted us, the frequency resonated within us. But the implications are now that some other preacher or teaching is somehow not anointed, or that there is some sliding scale where something can be more anointed or less anointed. If you are reading this and you have a teaching entitled ’10 ways to increase the anointing in your life’, I imagine you are listening to a different frequency than I am. I don’t see a metric to measure it nor a ladder where one is placed on a rung according to the level of one’s anointing.

My biggest concern at this stage is that this will create a two-tier system; those people and things that ARE anointed and thus other people that are not. And this is just not true. It’s a transactional judgement that makes us sound more spiritual instead of a relational understanding that God is speaking all the time, and we don’t always catch what He is doing or saying. And it subconsciously keeps us from moving forward and creating because obviously we aren’t ‘anointed’ like those other people are.

Anointed means to have been poured with oil to denote an ascendancy into a position, but more specifically it means ‘God’s blessings on your gifts.” We ALL have gifts. We all have been blessed by God with these gifts and through these gifts.

The big lack I see is failing to intentionally grow in the gifts that God has given you. It’s a VERY spiritual thing to take the anointed gifts that God has placed in YOU and to sow into them, grow them, and engage the process He intends for you. But I’m not so sure that you will ‘increase your anointing’, nor do you necessarily need to.

But growing in your gifts? That’s an act of worship.

Taking something that doesn’t resonate with you immediately and looking and finding something of God in it? That’s an act of worship.

Encouraging someone in Christ in their gifts even if they seem meager compared to another’s? That’s an act of worship.

Let’s keep in mind that we can’t always perceive what God is saying or doing, but He is ALWAYS saying and doing. And instead of saying something that has life in it for us is ‘anointed’, perhaps we should go back and see what God is actually saying and doing through all that stuff that wasn’t.

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  1. Very well said Austin. Appreciate your insight and sharing the truth about this. Agree, agree, agree, my brother. Much love to you.

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