Various styles of music and different instruments have always intrigued and excited me. When I worship, I like to use a little jazz, a little latin, a little reggae, a little african, and bits of other flavors to express myself. The songs on this album reflect these sounds and styles, but are also firmly grounded in worship and in the Spirit.

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Come as a Child: Spontaneous Worship

This project is spontaneous, Spirit-led instrumental music. With the addition of Kay Endsley’s smooth flute, this project will usher in a fresh level of anointing and presence of the Lord.

Kay Endsley & Austin Biel; Released: 2011; Genre: Prophetic Instrumental.

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Encounter invites us on a journey with God and each other. As the recording of a spontaneous session of worship, praise and open spiritual communication, the project captures a sense of the ebb and flow of relationship through sound.

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Projekt Worship

Not a description of a recording, but an exhortation to raise our hearts and hands to the throne room. Austin takes it even further, encouraging us to project worship from our spirit, throughout our everyday lives.

Fans of Austin’s Piano to Pray With series will enjoy the opening prayerful piano clusters. The atmosphere is instantly set for the Spirit to be ushered in. However, the moment Austin’s ethereal voice comes in, the listener knows that they are in for something different. Something extraordinary.

Several songs have been recorded completely live, and spontaneously, with a band, while on other songs, Austin played every instrument. From the acoustic pop of “So Close” to the classic jazz rendition of the old Gospel song “I Will Come & Bow Down,” Austin explores a lot of stylistic diversity and originality. Along with giving modern worship favorites such as “Trading My Sorrows” and “Hallelujah – Your Love is Amazing” fresh, new treatments, Austin also introduces some new worship songs.

Much of the record has a jazz feel that retains a sense of worship woven throughout. Stylistically, influences from artists such as Sting, Bruce Hornsby, and Chick Corea can be heard, while drawing comparisons to worship leaders like Jason Upton and Rita Springer. The music flows together, combining different genres of music with the emotions of worship in a way that enthralls, and stimulates the listener to project worship.

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Piano To Pray With

Three volumes released by Jubal Productions, Austin Biel’s Piano to Pray With album’s are each an hour of extemporaneous, meditative piano. Austin invited several friends in ministry to join him in the studio as intercessors and their prayers were sounding in Austin’s headphones. He began playing the piano as an accompaniment to their prayers. With only the piano being recorded, the end result captures the essence of changing emotions during one’s own time with God in prayer. Volume 1 and 2 are themed worship music. Volume 3 is Christmas themed.

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Piano To Pray With Volume 1
Piano To Pray With Volume 2: Worship In Prayer
Piano To Pray With Volume 3: Christmastide